I’m a writer who wishes to spend the rest of her life inspiring others in the form of stories and poems. I am a Christian, first and foremost, though not all of my stories have a religious or spiritual aspect. I’ve had a blog before (under the pen name Nathaniel Gray), but I finally found the confidence to attach my real identity to my work.

Please take a mini tour of my work. I hope that you will enjoy your time visiting.

Some information about the tabs:

A brief introduction of who I am and what I do.

This will include all writings, including exciting news and whatever I choose to share about my life.

Stories and poems that have been published.

Writing Portfolio
This is where I will share the work that I think is the best, be it poetry or fiction.

I try to scribble down stories or poems everyday, and although these writings may not be of the same caliber as those shared in my portfolio (because I experiment with different genres and review other works for inspiration), I would still like to share them. Someone else may enjoy reading them or draw inspiration from them.

To contact me about my writing, please email me at: contact@christianalexandria.com